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Beniamino Barrese
Mattia Colombo

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White Noise

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“Hello. How are you?
Do you ever wonder
if you did the right thing?”

White Noise is a journey into the mind and heart of a woman. From the directors’ perspective, it becomes the vehicle to pay tribute to Venice, the birthplace of Carlo Scarpa, and to water, one of the essential elements of his work.

  • Beniamino Barrese and Mattia Colombo

    Beniamino Barrese - awarded for his debut documentary “La Scomparsa di Mia Madre” - and Mattia Colombo - awarded for “Voglio Dormire Con Te” - were inspired by the 2021 Molteni&C|Dada Collection and the architecture of Carlo Scarpa. Together, they chose to tell the story of a woman in search of herself and her most intimate emotions.

  • Valeria Vereau

    Valeria Vereau - actress of Peruvian origin, born in Toronto and based in the Swedish island of Gotland – debuted on screen in Volver, Pedro Almodovar's movie (2006). In 2007 she collaborated with Julio Medém in Caótica Ana and she has also appeared in several Spanish TV series.
    In White Noise, she plays the role of Joanna, a writer at the peak of her career. Seemingly happy, Joanna is actually hiding a great emptiness.

“If I close my eyes,
it’s as if nothing happened.
I don’t leave. I learn italian.
You keep writing poems.”

A place to remember

The story begins at Joanna's apartment in Brooklyn, New York. However, her memories, thoughts, and feelings belong to Venice, a city suspended in time, which appears through old mini-DV footage shot at the Querini Stampalia Foundation. This is where Carlo Scarpa, between 1959 and 1963, carried out the now famous restoration of part of the ground floor. The work of the great master of Italian architecture focused on four areas: the bridge, the lightest arch built in Venice in the last few centuries; the entrance, with the defence barriers against high waters; the portego (porch); the garden.

“I wonder what you're up to,
what's going on with your life,
if you are happy,
are you happy?”

Discover the collection

The iconic pieces act as a counterpoint
to the narrative drama, and can be glimpsed
in between frames, acquiring contemporary nuances in their language of shapes, rules, details, material and colour palettes.

Joanna wakes up at dawn in her Brooklyn flat

The previous night Joanna received an important award for her latest novel, and perhaps that was the reason for her not sleeping very well. Some thoughts torment her, and the small package that the doorman delivers that morning amplifies her feeling of loss. The postage stamp on the envelope is Italian, and Joanna instantly understands who it's from. That’s why she doesn’t dare to open it and see what’s inside.

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